Meeting Makeover

I've just finished the Meeting Makeover course that Mike Vardy and John Poelstra at Productivityist have just released. I've always been frustrated with meetings, both those that I host and have attended, yet I've never really been able to pin-point the exact cause of my frustrations. I've utilised some quick fixes in my time - worked on my preparation, ensured that everybody knows the purpose of the meeting - that kind of thing. However the feeling of frustration still loomed large far more often than I would have liked.

This course has given me the opportunity to step back and assess my meeting structure from top to bottom. I know have far more confidence that I will be inviting the right people as well as the correct number. My agendas are going to be more easily accessible and producing minutes is now going to be a far more streamlined process.

Working as a Project Manager means that meetings are an occupational requirement so I'm delighted to say I now have the confidence to deliver effective meetings and help increase the overall efficiency of my team.

You can access the course here for $39 ($99 to include a 30 minute coaching session).