Markdown Service Tools - Thank you Mr Terpstra (drink)

As some of you will no doubt know, I have recently learnt how to type in Markdown and it has now formed the backbone of almost any writing that I do. It’s so simple to use, yet so powerful and I cannot advocate it enough.

There are several tools I use for this and one day I aim to share my writing workflow with you all, however for now, there is one stand-out product that Ihave to make you aware of.

Markdown Service Tools by Brett Terpstra

We all know that Brett is a genius when it comes to creating and implementing code. That is beyond question. What some of you don’t know is what the man gives away and his Markdown Service Tools are a fantastic example of that.

Clicking this link will take you to the product page, so I won’t give an exhaustive description of everything that can be achieved with them, moreover just a quick overview of the features that make their way into my workflow on a regular basis. The descriptions are taken directly from Brett’s product site so as not to distort their functionality.

As you will see, I love the shortcuts for Link creation that I now have!

Links - Chrome Tabs/Safari Tabs - These Services will collect all of the tabs in the foreground Safari or Chrome window (respectively), and generate a reference list in the same fashion as Link List From Clipboard. These Services are only available when no text is selected.

Links - New Link - This will surround the selected text with inline link syntax, and if there’s a single url in the clipboard, will link it automatically. Otherwise, it will create a shell (link text) with an empty parenthesis pair for you to paste a url into.

Links - To References - Select the entire text of a Markdown document with inline links (or a mix of inline and reference links) and run this service to have your links replaced with the reference title format ([link text][title]) and the references placed at the end of the document. Existing references will be preserved, and titles for new references will be automatically generated based on the domain name.

Lists - Bullet List/Numbered List - These two commands create and clean up bulleted and ordered lists. They will remove any current list characters at the beginning of each line, compress blank lines in the selection, fix minor indentation mistakes while maintaining the original structure of the list, and properly increment the leading characters of ordered lists. Just select multiple lines and run one of the Services.

Wrap - Angle Brackets/Paranthesis/Square Brackets - These services wrap the selected text in angle brackets (<>), parenthesis (()) or square brackets ([]). To be useful, they need intuitive shortcuts assigned for quick triggering. You may also consider using keybindings for this.

You can download these service tools from this site for free, however there is an option for a donation to be made. I’ve made one because I feel it is simply the right thing to do given the time that it saves me, and we all know that time is money.

Thank you Brett, for everything you do.

This post was written in Byword, using Markdown and checked for continuity and flow using Marked 2, also by Brett Terpstra.