Markdown Links in TextExpander


When I’m creating my blog posts, I have to use a LOT of links. That’s because when I mention a particular application or software company, I think it’s only fair to provide a link to their product. They do so much to enrich our lives with the apps they create, the list I can do is point my loyal readers towards them. 

There are, however, a LOT of links to remember and this results in a lot of typing, especially if I am creating a summary post which mentions a lot of apps. 

The workaround for this involves TextExpander by Smile Software. 

I write all my posts in Markdown and I use inline links. This means that at the bottom of my page, away from your view, I have various entries that I point to as I type. For example, I’ve just used an inline link when I typed TextExpander above. It’s formed as follows:

At the bottom of my page I have an entry that reads: “TextExpander:” (minus the quotes). This means that whenever I type in the following text:

TextExpander followed by [], a link is created with the text displayed being whatever is in the square brackets. 

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve built up a TextExpander Snippet which contains around thirty of the applications I refer to most often - DropboxOmniFocusEvernoteHazel1Password and so on. Whenever I start a new article, I simply invoke the snippet - xxlinks in this case and all of the reference links are placed nicely in my document, ready for my inline shortcuts. 

As I find a new application, I simply add it to the snippet and move on. 

Just one in a number of uses I have for TextExpander. I will share more with you, I promise.