Linking to Perspectives in OmniFocus

Sometimes when I'm running through my tasks in OmniFocus 2, I need to refer to another item in the database. This could be another Project, Context or Perspective.

An example may be "Review New Website Project" which takes place every week. It's a lot easier to create a link to the project in question within the Notes field of the task, thus saving you the time and effort of searching for the project to conduct the review.

Creating a link to a Project, Context or even Task is a simple enough process. Simply hover over the item in question, click to bring up the context menu and choose Copy or Copy As Link as appropriate.

Copy creates a link that is usable within OmniFocus. You will see a friendly name with a link sitting behind it that will take you to the target. For example in the screenshot below, you will see the link to the Waiting For context, accessible within OmniFocus

Copy As Link creates a link that is usable by another macOS application

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 07.04.452-1.png

This is great for Projects, Contexts or Tasks, however I have tasks setup as part of my Review process that prompt me to look at my Perspectives. Without regular maintenance, it can be easy for a Perspective to miss important projects or folders. I find a weekly review, usually no more than 10 minutes, keeps them in check.

Thankfully, there is a link that you can configure within the Notes field of a task that will allow you to link directly to a Perspective.


As an example, you can see below that my Weekly Review template includes several tasks that involve me looking at other items within OmniFocus. The highlighted task is a review of my Writing Perspective, which is a theme I access every day as par tof my morning routine. I don't need to navigate elsewhere within the application to access the Perspective, I can simply click the link within the Notes field to access it directly.

One important point to note is that if you have a Perspective with a space in the name (my example there is the Lee G Perspective) then the space needs to be substituted with a %20.