Keyboard Maestro - Text Transformations

One thing I am finding as I work on DEVONthink Pro Office is that it is a very good idea to ensure that all of my tags are lower case. This is because it is so much easier to assign them. For example, does an existing tag have a capita letter on it? Have I capitalised any part of it that would ordinarily be capitalised but I have perhaps forgotten? All of this uses up valuable thinking time and, if you make a mistake, practical time while you rectify. Either that, or you have a messy database - and if you know me, you'll know that's not an option!

So as my existing DEVONthink Pro Office database currently has a mix of tags, I found myself starting to go through and manually change the text to all lower case. 

This was starting to take a while and after the first ten or so, the automation part of my brain kicked in and I thought "There must be a way of automating this..."

Enter Keyboard Maestro - again. 

If you look below you will see a screen grab of my macro. 

In order to get each section, you need to look for the following in Available actions:

Clipboard -> Copy

Clipboard -> Filter Clipboard -> (Choose your Clipboard) -> Lowercase

Clipboard -> Paste

When you break it down like that it's pretty simple really. Until you get into Keyboard Maestro running scripts for you, everything that is contained within this superb application is step by step common-sense like this. 

You can of course perform other transformations by replacing the Lowercase attribute with something else that is available - simply open the app up and have a look. 

If you have other Keyboard Maestro macros and tips that you would like me to mention and subsequently credit you with, then please get in contact via the social links below.