Journalling and Day One

A growing trend within the podcasts I have been listening too over the last few months has been the recommendation of journalling. This has been coming up on both the productivity and technology podcasts that fill (and I really do mean fill currently) my Downcast queue.  
Now journalling is something that I've always turned my nose up at. I mean, it's basically just keeping a diary isn't it? Surely that's what I used to do when I was at school?  
That fact was even mentioned by my wife yesterday when she asked why I had been taking so many pictures that day. I said it was for my journal and her face was a picture, as she politely reminded me that I was 38 and i should have left my diary behind several years ago.  
However I decided to go with the flow and when it came up on sale one day, I decided to download the *Day One* app on my iPhone. I didn't know what I was planning on using it for so I sent out a twitter post to @dayoneapp asking if they could tell me what their popular use cases were. I was directed to a website that lists different peoples use cases for Day One and it's quite staggering and really opened my eyes to how good this app could really be. The site is [here][dayone] and if you are struggling to work out what you will use Day One for, I guarantee you will find a reason there.  
  Personally, I use Day One for the following:  
  - Keeping a journal of special moments with my wife and family
  - Work - specific fixes I've been able to implement go into Day One
  - Work - achievements and milestones
  - Reviewing what I have achieved, what I could have done better, what I will be doing tomorrow. Reflection is a great productivity tool.  
  - Children - those special things they do as they grow up pass us by if we don't take time to enjoy them. Those funny phrases, cute moments, the times they land an unexpectedly huge headbutt on you and almost break your nose - these times are precious, so I journal each and every one so I can reflect on them in the future. 

I can see that when I travel, or have days out with the family, it will be a fantastic tool for remembering these days, especially with Image Capture built-in.  
  You can tag entries in Day One for easy retrieval of entries, so I have tags set up for each of my children, my wife, my clients, blogging, writing, learning, self-improvement etc. This is only going to grow though.  
Within two days of buying the iPhone app, I invested in the Mac and iPad apps as well. It was a no-brainer. Whichever device I'm on, I want to be able to capture important moments then and there and Day One is the app to do this.  
 I only wish I had the foresight to use an app like Day One when I was suffering with my depression. The ability to be able to track my feelings day to day would have been so helpful, not just for reading but as an outlet for them, to be able to get me to express them in some way without feeling the embarrassment of telling someone. I could tell myself, be it the Lee that is writing them, or the Lee in the future that is reading them. They could also help people that are in the same situation in the future as they could realise their feelings really aren't unique, there are people that have been in exactly the same situation and they could read about how I got myself out of it by pursuing a life of self-improvement and wish-fulfilment and dedicating myself 100% to my family. That is one of the points in my life I feel I really should have done but didn't.  
However I will be using Day One to record everything I feel could be pertinent to either myself, or someone else, in the future and it's so easy to use. I strongly recommend you go for it!