IFTTT and the World Cup in your living room

I wish I had Phillips Hue lightbulbs so that I could really wow my friends and family during the World Cup. I had an idea for a recipe this morning and realised that it is totally do-able with IFTTT and I'm going to have to save up to kit a couple of designated rooms out with Phillips Hue lightbulbs, or similar, by the time the next major sporting event comes out. 

Why, I hear you ask? 

Well, how cool would it be, whenever England scored a goal (I know, but I'm in ideologist by nature), or when Team GB get a gold medal, for the lights in your front room to flash either a colour, or sequence of colours?! I'd love this, and IFTTT makes it possible. 

Check this recipe out:

Essentially, if you activate the ESPN channel and the Phillips Hue channel, you are free to configure alerts for your team as required. This will only get better I'm sure as more apps tap into the magic of IFTTT.