If Tim can do it - so can I

I've read today that Tim Cook spends 80% of his working day on his iPad (see here) 

Well - I reckon that's a pretty bold statement and is certainly dependant on the type of work that you are in. There are professions where, as much as this is an attractive proposition, the practicalities of this just are not there. 

I started thinking about the applications that I use day to day, however, and I started to think about whether or not I would be able to accomplish this or not. The main contract I am on would be very difficult, as I have to do a reasonable amount of configuration work and design on Windows servers at the moment, however there are apps that will allow me to do this - it's just a case of how effectively I can perform them. 

There is a lot of reporting work I have to do - and this is easy when it comes to my iPad as I have a choice of two external keyboards I can use, together with an Office 365 subscription, Pages, Byword etc... so I have no worries there. 

I store a lot of business documents, that are non-contract based, in Dropbox - so I have seamless integration between environments there. Yes, admittedly I have some in DEVONthink Pro Office which are only readable with DEVONthink To Go, however for a week I wouldn't be averse to moving these to Dropbox to see how I get on. 

In general, I think it's something that can be achieved, and I'm certainly going to try it and report back my results next week. However, there is one area where I feel my work is going to slow down and that is with the productivity tools I have sitting on my trusty Macbook Pro that take so much pain out of my day, and I am mainly thinking about Hazel and Keyboard Maestro - the latter of which, as I am researching and writing up for my next publication, I am rapidly falling in love with. There are automation tools like Launch Centre Pro and Drafts which I have got a reasonable handle on, however I've never tried these from a creative standpoint as opposed to a consumption one, so I believe it's going to be an interesting test. 

I will report back within the next couple of weeks with my findings. If it's too much of a struggle, you will be hearing from me sooner rather than later!