How To Use: Launch Centre Pro and the Today Widget

How To Use Launch Centre Pro’s Today Widget

Launch Centre Pro by Contrast is a highly customisable launcher application for iOS. I’ve used it for years to access actions from within applications that would otherwise have taken several key presses and clicks to get to. Many people use it as a speed dial for their contacts, others use it for one touch access to their Safari bookmarks - there are lots of uses out there and I’m planning on releasing a post soon that runs through my use case for both Launch Centre Pro and a similar application called Launcher

Today though, I’m just going to explain briefly how to activate the Today Widget for Launch Centre Pro. I find myself spending more time in the widget view than ever nowadays! It’s so easy to just swipe to the right from the home screen and access a wide variety of information and accessible shortcuts. Launch Centre Pro is definitely on this bandwagon and it’s handy to have some of your most used shortcuts on hand from the lock screen. 

Let’s quickly walk through the configuration:

1) From within Launch Centre Pro, click the gear icon in the top left hand corner. 

2) Select Today Widget.


3) You’ll see there are no actions currently configured. Click Add Action

4) Choose some of your pre-defined actions that you’d like to access form the widget. Remember that the original view will show you four, however you can click Show More from within the widget to show you as many as you select here. 

5) Click Settings again and then Close

6) Now, form the Home Screen, swipe from left to right to bring up the Widget screen. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see the Edit button. Tap this. 

7) If you scroll down to the Launch Centre Pro widget and tap the green button to the left, it will join the list of currently active widgets.


8) Tap the movement handles on the right to place the widget in the location you wish. Then tap Done

9) Now when you look on the widget screen, you’ll see the action buttons ready for you to tap.