How To: Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Safari

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab or window in Safari and realised there was a tonne of information that you still needed? Welcome to the club - it’s not exclusive, I promise you - we’ve all been there at some point. 

The good news is that recovering either the tabs or window(s) is an easy process, whether you are on macOS or iOS:


If you’ve closed a tab by mistake, pressing ⌘+Z , the standard Undo shortcut, will open the last closed tab. Alternatively, you can go to Edit -> Undo Close Tab

If it’s a Window that needs to be recovered, the History menu bar item is your friend here. In the third grouping of items down from the top, you will see some great options:

  • Recently Closed - this shows a submenu of recently closed tabs you can open
  • Reopen Last Closed Tab - this is the same effective action as Undo Close Tab
  • Reopen Last Closed Window - if you have accidentally closed an entire window, you will choose this option.
  • Reopen All Windows From Last Session - this recovers the Safari view from the last time the application was closed in it’s entirety. 


Safari on iOS lets you reopen recently closed tabs too. When clicking on the new tab button, performing a long press on the + button will display a list of recently closed tabs. It’s cool to note as well that this works on macOS when long clicking on the + button next to the right-most tab.