How To: Batch Rename with Pathfinder 7

I recently wrote about some of my favourite features within Pathfinder 7, a great Finder alternative from Cocoatech. Here, I’d like to dive a little deeper with one of the core features, batch renaming. While it’s true that you can rename multiple items within the native Finder application, it’s limited - PathFinder exploits this limitation and allows for a greater array of formatting options. Let’s run through the process:

Firstly, we need to highlight the files that require renaming. Once highlighted, select Commands -> Batch Rename from the menu bar, or press ⬆⌘R . 


This will bring up the Batch Rename window. On the left hand side, you can see from the image below we have our data entry window that allows us to define the criteria for the rename. On the right, we can see a real time view of how the files will look in post. 

If we click the dropdown with Replace Text selected, we can see other options - let’s run through them:

  • Replace Text - pretty simple. Look at the files you want to rename and enter the old text into the Replace Text field and the new text that you want the filenames to have in the with text field. 
  • Replace RegEx - very similar to the above, however, you will be using the regular expression syntax to make the modifications. 
  • Insert Text - you can insert text either at the beginning, end or within the existing file name. Use the Position value to determine how far from the front/back of the name you wish to insert the text. 
  • Change Case - there are four options for changing the case which you can see in the screenshot below. 
  • Add Number Sequence - you can add leading or trailing numbers to each file name (something I use frequently). 
    • The Padding value allows you to change how many leading zeros are prepended. 
    • Position - how far along the filename the numbers are added
    • Start Value - the first number to be added
    • Step Value - defines the increments for the numbers
  • Add Date - another one that gets occasional use from me. You can add either acreation date or modification date to each file. The format can be changed to a format of your choosing

You can also create building blocks by adding multiple steps to the rename process. If there is a need to replace text within the legacy name as well as add a date, that’s easy. Click the + button in the top right hand corner of the text entry window and a new window appears at the bottom.


If you click on the cog in the bottom left hand corner of the Batch Rename window, you can save the renaming sequence. This can make future renaming tasks even more efficient as application is as simple as clicking the cog and choosing the saved sequence you wish to utilise. Very handy. 

Batch Renaming within Pathfinder 7 is a great feature, just one of a number that can be found within the app.