How I Use: Alfred to open OmniFocus Items

Regular readers will know that Alfred and OmniFocus are two of my most used applications. Alfred is my application and document launcher, whilst OmniFocus is my To-Do list manager of choice - or, as we like to call them at Think Productive, my second brain. 

Recently, I discovered a great Alfred workflow that allowed me to open OmniFocus project and tasks directly from my launcher window. This can be incredibly handy because you don’t need to have OmniFocus as your primary window, (or even running!), to obtain information. I had an instance yesterday where somebody asked me what the state of play was with regards to a certain user’s migration to a new mobile phone network. All I had to do was open Alfred, type in the abbreviation followed by the user's name and OmniFocus opened, with the project I needed sitting in front of me. 

I won’t run through all the scenarios that this workflow will help with - I just need to show you how to install it and list the default abbreviations that you can use, so here goes. 


Here is a link to the OmniFocus forum post that discusses the workflow. I’ve linked here, as opposed to the GitHub repository directly as there needs to be some serious kudos given to rhydlewis for the work he has done to get this up and running. 

Click the link, download and install the workflow as you would do normally. It’s quick and easy. 


Once installed, open the Workflows section in Alfred and you’ll see the default shortcuts and flow paths listed. 


To give you a one shot summary as to these shortcuts and what they do, feel free to copy and paste this list below into Apple Notes, DEVONthink or whatever for ease of use:

.s - Search OmniFocus

.sa - Search OmniFocus for active tasks only

.se - Search OmniFocus for processed and inbox tasks

.g - Search OmniFocus for flagged tasks only

.ga - Search OmniFocus for flagged active tasks only

.n - Search OmniFocus for tasks via note contents

.na - Search OmniFocus for active tasks via note contents

.ng - Search OmniFocus for flagged tasks via note contents

.d - List overdue and due OmniFocus tasks

.r - Show 10 most recently modified OmniFocus items

.ra - Show 10 most recently modified non-completed OmniFocus items

.p - Search OmniFocus for Projects

.pa - Search OmniFocus for active Projects

.i - Search OmniFocus Inbox

.f - Search OmniFocus for Folders

.lf - List all OmniFocus Folders

.lc - List all OmniFocus Contexts

.c - Search OmniFocus for Contexts

.v - Search OmniFocus for Perspectives

.lv - list all OmniFocus Perspectives

I hope you find the above useful!