Oh it's been such a bad day. I'm sitting here on the train, looking back at all the things I wish I'd done differently. Stewing over things that just didn't go my way. Wondering why some people act the way they do.

Sound familiar?

I'm sure it does. I'm happy though, happy because I know this feeling isn't going to last much longer. It's fleeting, because I haven't had my 'grateful thoughts' yet.

Grateful thoughts? What is this hippy talking about?

Well, whenever I'm feeling low, or in one of those dark ruts that we all find ourselves in from time to time, I simply look back on something that I grateful for. In fact, I have an Omnifocus task that repeats daily, prompting me to enter three things that I am grateful for into Day One, my journaling app of choice.

So, what are my grateful thoughts for today? Well, I'm sitting here typing this on a nice MacBook Pro. Yes, that's a material thing, but I'm still grateful for it. It's in lovely condition, I look after it and I know that I am privileged in being able to own one. I'm grateful for that.

I'm also heading home, which I am grateful for. I have a nice house, I don't mind admitting it because I have worked very hard for it. So many people would love to be able to say that. Well, I can, and I'm grateful for that.

I'm grateful that I have been given the strength and patience to deal with issues that would prove too much for other people. I have had a disc removed in my back and another is herniated at the moment, which causes me chronic pain, yet I'm grateful for the family I have that supports me through the difficult times, that helped me through my operation, for the hospital staff that cared for me. I'm grateful.

We take so many things for granted. Working in the city of London is an exercise in gratitude. When I receive my coffee in Starbucks, I express my gratitude by simply thanking the barista by name for my drink. Each time I do this, you can see the happiness and, I'm sad to say, the surprise, on their face. Too many people find themselves too busy to express this common display of gratitude, yet I find the fact I have made somebody happier than before I met them - well - uplifting I guess is the most accurate word.

I'm grateful for so many things and taking the time to recognise this is one of the most important parts of my day. I look forward to it.

And I'm grateful for that.