Give Yourself A Break

Like all of you reading this post, I'm a human being. A human being that gets frustrated when I'm unable to achieve everything I set out in my todo list. One downside of being an incorrigible planner is the negative feelings that manifest when life gets in the way and things don't go to plan. 

The intentions are so great when you wake up. You bounce out of bed, ready to attack the day and make progress on the list you created the night before - after all, you're a Productivity person, you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Then that call or email comes in - the one you didn't expect, from a client, a colleague or a family member, that throws the plan you had meticulously created into disarray. All of a sudden, the commitments you had made to yourself need to be reviewed and shifted. You may have to let somebody down who is relying on you, or postpone an event that you were really looking forward to on a personal level. Some of the goals you had set yourself for the day may not now be achievable. If you are not careful, the day can slowly start to unravel and sure enough, as your attitude becomes negative, so too does your focus on the hours ahead. 

I know the above is a familiar scenario to you. I know this because I am just like all of you and, as I really am my own worst critic, I go through the above emotions more regularly than I would like. 

However, when I do, I think back to a phrase I was told by a former line manager when I was starting out in the world of Project Management. 

Life happens sonny - appreciate that and enjoy it because it's a lot better than the alternative

The fact is, he is so right. Tomorrow is a new day and if I'm lucky (and sensible), there will be a lot more of them to come. No day is going to be the same as today, so plan as normal and roll with the punches when they come. The chances of two days being disrupted to this extent are slim and, if they are, then the chances of three are slimmer still. 

So keep going. Remember that productivity is all about doing the right thing at the righttime. So you need to pick up your child from school because they are ill? Well yes, it throws your afternoon out, but when you make your decision on what needs to be done based on priority vs urgency, you go and pick up your child. Everything else can move. 

Give yourself a break. Life happens and that is such a good thing.