Gemini 2 - Duplicate Finder

Gemini 2 Review There are many reasons why I love working with my MacBook Pro. Speed, reliability and ease of use are all important to me.

If I had to offer any kind of negative, it would be the storage space. If I want extra storage, it needs attaching externally and with newer Apple hardware seemingly reducing the number of ports available, this has the potential to be a problem for me in the future. I may not be able to pimp out any new purchases with the highest spec hard drive on offer.

That’s where tools like Gemini, by MacPaw, come into their own. Gemini is known as a Duplicate Finder. It will scan your hard drive for duplicate files and, if you so wish, eradicate the duplicates. Sounds simple doesn’t it?! Then why isn’t it something we make the effort to do? Speaking for myself, scanning through my Photos or iTunes library smacked of effort - effort better spent doing something else (usually involving Netflix or my Xbox, but that’s another story).

An application that will carry out this laborious work is such a help. Not only is it functional, it’s got a well designed, intuitive interface. Those of you who use Clean My Mac 3 will not be surprised at this. MacPaw sweat the details when it comes to presentation. After all, these applications aren’t performing the most glamorous tasks, so it’s important to make the look and feel as easy to use as possible. They get that right here.

You start off with little more than a large plus button. This allows you to define the folders that you wish to scan, using a standard Finder window.


When you have settled on your scan surface, the large green button will kick off the scanning process. Naturally the length of the scan is dependant on the size of the folders you are scanning and spec of your machine, however the speed impressed me. My photo library is not that large, around 15GB in size, however the whole scan was completed in a little less than 60 seconds.


Upon finding duplicates, the results present themselves in a pleasant graphical ring view, which displays the content type as you hover your cursor over it. It’s important to note that the results are highly interactive - for example, you can click on the thumbnail of a particular image file and compare it with it’s ‘duplicate’ side by side, checking the metadata associated with it as well as visually examining the photos.

You can also limit the results presented based on queries and once you have selected the files that can be safely deleted, there is a button in the bottom right hand corner. These files are placed in the System Trash by default (this can change in Preferences however).

If you are a more casual user, you can use the Smart Cleanup button in most cases, which will purge anything found to be an exact duplicate.

I used the word exact there for a reason and that is that Gemini recognises both potential and exact duplicates so if you are worried about deleting anything that isn’t an exact duplicate, it’s worth reviewing the search results. For example, I take a lot of photos in Burst Mode, which fires off many snaps at once. This comes from years of being marital reprimands for missing the perfect shot of our children on family days out. Gemini detected these as potential duplicates, however I was happy for these to be included in the clear out.

On the whole, I recommend Gemini to anyone that needs to free up space on their Mac devices. It’s simple to use, visually impressive and will help you eek more storage space as your Mac ages.

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