Financial Management with MoneyWiz

When I moved across to my Mac from a Windows environment, one of the things I was struggling to get my head around was the best Money Management software I could get. 

Formerly, on my Windows machine, I was using Microsoft Money with an Excel spreadsheet running parallel to it in order to provide a more accurate prediction of what the family's financial situation will be before the coming payday. How much of a buffer do we have to spend, or how much do we have to make up!

I contemplated running Microsoft Money on my Windows VM, but come on, I've just invested a fair amount of money on an awesome machine so I want to maximise it! 

I tried a lot of apps by utilising their free download trials, and I won't list them here as it will look like they weren't good enough for me and that really isn't the case. I didn't find an app that I would consider unworthy of the price being quoted, so if you ARE looking for one, you've got a treat in store when it comes to trying them out, I guarantee you. 

However I'm writing this post to express my absolute delight and satisfaction with MoneyWiz. I've got several current accounts and a couple of credit cards that are used on a regular basis. MoneyWiz makes it easy to enter transactions, either at your Mac or on the go with your iOS device. I can't lie, I actually find the iPAD version more intuitive to use than the Mac one!

Here is a brief list of the features that make me smile every time I use MoneyWiz

  • The ability to create as many custom categories and sub-categories, with icons for each as I want. 
  • Entering transactions is super-fast with shortcuts on the keyboard and there is caching involved that remembers prior transactions and autofills for you. For example, if I enter Groceries as a category, Sainsbury's Weekly Shop is automatically filled as the description. If you don't want this, it's a simple Tab -> Backspace to clear
  • The iOS devices that accompany the Mac one are FANTASTIC. Seriously, the developers have done some fantastic work in making the interface as easy to use as possible without looking cheap. There is also good Launch Centre Pro interaction, meaning you could be taking your receipt from your local hardware store and automatically entering it on your phone with three clicks. Awesome. 
  • The Reporting and Forecasting is fantastic. Every Sunday, I create reports for my wife of the current accounts (not the credit card ones - I value my marriage) and these export directly to PDF, CSV or XLS. I export to PDF and the report is beautifully laid out, with the description of each purchase in bold, large text making it easy to skim through and read. 
  • Changing  transactions from a Complete stage to a Pending stage is one click. Some other apps are more fiddly to deal with. 
  • The Cloud Sync, using a system called SyncBits, hasn't failed me yet and is lightning quick to sync all three devices. I don't have to be sat down with my laptop any more to do my finances. I can simply stretch out on the sofa with my iPad and Mrs Browns Boys in the background - awesome stuff. 

You've got to try this app if you are serious about managing your money on a regular basis. It certainly comes with my guarantee. It can be purchased through the App Store or directly from their site here for £15.47