Emailing into Evernote Notebooks with tags

I've had a love/hate relationship with Evernote over the last few months. Despite some of the grievances I've had with the UI as well as a couple of isolated synchronisation issues, I have to say that I always come back to it because I'm yet to find a solution that works as well across the different range of devices that I use. This is with respect to both finding information as well as getting stuff 'in there'. It's this latter section that I want to briefly write about - namely how to import information into Evernote via email and automatically have it placed in the notebook of your choosing as well as assign the required tags. This can be incredibly handy when you have receipts in your Inbox, travel documents and the like that you know you are going to need to reference at any future point in time but NOT be reliant on storing within your email client.

It's important to note first of all that you will need to upgrade your subscription to either an Evernote Plus or Evernote Premium account to take advantage of this feature. At the time of writing, the pricing is £19.99/£34.99 per year respectively for this and benefits scale accordingly.

Once you have upgraded, you will be assigned an Evernote email address. You used to be able to find this email address in the Account Info section on the OS X Evernote application, however upon looking this morning, it appears to have moved. In order to find this address, I needed to click on Account Info and then from there, More Account Settings. This brought up a web page which had my unique Evernote email address listed at the bottom of the Account Summary page.

When you get this address, I recommend saving it as a contact straight away so that you will be able to upload emails to Evernote no matter which device you are on, without having to copy and paste it from another application.

When you have an email you wish to forward, you specify the Notebook and Tag as a destination by doing the following: - To specify the destination notebook, you need to append an @ symbol at the end of the Subject line, followed by the name of a pre-existing notebook. If the notebook doesn't already exist, then the email will not be uploaded. Best practice would be to make sure that a synchronisation has taken place recently if you have just created a notebook. - To add a tag, append the subject line with a # symbol followed by a pre-existing tag.

Pretty simple! Yet sometimes the most effective tools are exactly that - simple.