Drafts - Dual Actions

Sometimes, the level of my ignorance when it comes to certain applications concerns me. I've been using Drafts to capture on the move since i first discovered it just over a year ago. One feature, however, that I have never thought to leverage was the ability to send text to more than one location.

One example is that I like to keep a running log in Day One of blog ideas that I have. It helps to give me some perspective as to where I am when I have periods of inspiration - I can go back through my Day One archives, look for the relevant tag and gain some context as to times in my life where I am at my most creative. I also, however, like to update a list in nvAlt which essentially acts as my schedule inbox. This is a list of all Blog Ideas I have and once a week, as part of my weekly review, I will go through this list and ascertain the posts I would like to work on in the coming days.

Setting Drafts up to do this is simple. I'll walk you quickly through the setup that I have.

Firstly, type in the idea/text that needs to be captured and click on the Actions Menu button

You can see from the screenshot that I've got my actions already defined so I'll show you what those settings are by swiping to the right and clicking the Edit pencil.

The next page is the one that really annoyed me when I analysed it further. Steps is the section that allows you to define more than one action to take place (why didn't I notice this before?!). I'll click here to look at my Dropbox and DayOne action steps

First, Dropbox - this is reasonably simple. I choose the path and filename that the text is going to be appended to. Very important for this particular use-case that I choose append because I just want to maintain one running log of ideas rather than separate files.

Lastly, we add a second step, this being a URL address for DayOne that will send the text directly to a new DayOne entry. Exactly what I need, nothing more, nothing less.


Now that I know I can stack actions within Drafts like this, I'm going to get my thinking cap on and come up with some more use cases for this. Information going to both a stored text file and an OmniFocus task for actioning is certainly something I'll be looking at, as well as reference materials/URLs that need to be stored in more than one location. The possibilities, whilst not endless, are enough to make a differenc