Drafts and Evernote - a good fit

As I'm sure you can imagine, I never get the ideas for blog posts exclusively when I'm sat at my laptop in publishing mode. It can happen at work when I'm frustrated with a particular piece of tech I'm working with, it can be when I'm watching something random on TV and my mind drifts - so I need a trusted collection system for these ideas that I can tap into where ever I am. Enter the Drafts/Evernote Combo. I know I can hear some of you saying "Why bother with Drafts? Evernote does it for you". Well Drafts is my mobile text entry app of choice due to it's great Text Expander Touch support. 

I used it for text messages, emails, OmniFocus entries and, yes, Evernote text entries. 

By configuring Evernote Actions within the Drafts app, you can create new notes, append data to existing notes so easily and quickly. For example, in my Soliam Website notebook, I have a note called Blog Ideas and a custom Drafts action to append data to this note. This info is available to me everywhere and I have the advantage of being able to utilise my range of Text Expander snippets to make the process quicker.

I'll post a screencast on how to set this up in the Tutorials section soon.