Don't Hit The Snooze Button

It's comfortable isn't it. You know, the feel of that duvet, wrapped around your body in the morning when the dreaded alarm sounds. As you nestle yourself further into that welcoming cocoon, reaching across blindly to disable that infernal racket, you think to yourself that if you had a list of a hundred things you could do right now, getting out of bed would always be at the bottom.

It's tough. I know. I still feel that almost every morning...!

Yet when you click the Snooze button, you are doing more than just giving yourself a few more precious moments in the comfort of your bed.

You are saying that the plans you made yesterday - well, they don't matter.

You set that alarm at a time when your intentions were good. You planned to rise at this time because it's what you needed to do. You were intentional.

Clicking the Snooze button pushes that to one side. Lack of faith and trust in your systems is an unfortunate by-product of this seemingly innocent action. Your weaker, morning self is over-ruling the requests of your greater, day-time self - the one that made the intentional decision to get up at a certain time because they understood it would help to make their whole day flow better.

If you can bounce - OK, let's be more realistic - if you can crawl/fall out of bed when your 'more lucid' self had planned, splash your face with some cold water, then drink a pint or so of cold water, you will find this makes a massive difference to your day. You will have exerted strength at a time when you felt weakness, the daily plan you had crafted can be followed without the need to move things around and you will be in a position to start dominating the remainder of your day.

Morning routines fascinate me - I'd love to know more about yours.