Day One and the Apple Watch

Day One is my go-to app for journaling. It is slowly evolving into one of the most important, as well as most used applications on my devices. It's used daily on my MacBook Pro for recording client logs as well as on my iOS devices for capturing more social and family focused information. I track places we visit, meals we eat, films we see on top of those magical moments that only a parent can appreciate.

I also use it on... My Apple Watch.

That's right - I don't just use the watch for picking up football alerts on the move and tracking activity information. I use it in a productivity context as well!

As I'm working through my day, my brain tends to develop ideas. This can be when I'm on one of my daily walks, when I'm sat on the train zoning out, out with the family - any time. The beauty of Apple Watch is that it's always on my wrist to I always have a means of capturing these ideas.

Why Day One though? Why not use a different application for capturing ideas and thoughts?

Simply put, I review my journal at regular intervals and I like the idea of knowing where I was, what I was doing when these ideas came to mind. Do my best thoughts come to mind when I'm out walking on my own by the beach? Then maybe I should increase the frequency of that activity. When I meet with a particular colleague at work, do I get inspired? Are there times of day where new ideas never seem to form?

For this reason, I have created an "Inspiration" journal in Day One. (Remember, in the updated version of Day One, you can have multiple journals for various elements of your life). All ideas are trackable from within for easy review.

How to use Day One on Apple Watch

There couldn't be a simpler set of instructions for this, which is one of the reasons I find Apple Watch applications engaging. I like simplicity and we've definitely got that in abundance with a lot of them!

  • Open the Application
  • Use the Digital Crown to select the Journal you wish to create an entry for
  • Click the microphone to dictate an entry. I find the dictation to be highly accurate although I've had to modify my diction a tiny bit. Maybe my English accent isn't 'classic' enough!
  • Click the check-in indicator to record your location

That's all there is to it. There isn't a need for any additional layers of complexity to the app. The point of the watch, in my opinion, is to capture information quickly and easily as well as retrieve if the need arises. I don't think I will ever need to pull Day One information directly from the watch, yet recording is a valuable addition to my workflow.