Custom Columns in OmniFocus

Recently, the Omni Group released an update to their task management product OmniFocus. I don't usually get excited about dot updates, however this one includes a feature that I have really made use of in the short time it's been installed and that is Custom Columns.

By default, your tasks are presented to you in what is known as Fluid view, where you have the name of the task on a top line and the context sitting just below, as well as the project:

Now, you are able to change this default layout and customise it to your choosing. The information is truncated to fit on one line, which allows you to have more on-screen at once.


For me, the main benefit is not so much the presence of more tasks on-screen. In fact, I'd rather I didn't see as many as I sometimes do! No, I love the fact that now, every time I enter a task I can elect to put in the Estimated Duration. You see, I seem to be one of the only people on the planet who has contexts based on how long a task will take to complete, yet invariably I would forget to enter an estimated duration when it comes to processing the task. One of most used contexts the Quick Wins one which only consists of tasks that will take less than ten minutes to complete. Now, I have the Estimated Duration column checked by default so it always gets filled out when I'm adding tasks to OmniFocus.