Currency Conversion with Alfred

Recently, I've found myself needing to convert between different currencies a lot more often than before. I would usually go to a website that offers an online currency converter. That's fine for one-off calculations that I need to make but you know me, I want something a little bit quicker!

I guessed that some genius somewhere would have written a workflow for Alfred and sure enough, a quick Google Search led me to this.

Once installed, there are four commands available to you. As with all Alfred workflows, you can change the trigger commands to your liking. I'm sticking with the defaults for now though.

Currency - here you will type in the calculation you wish to make. Let's say I want to work out how many Euros I will get for $12. For this, I would type:

Currency 12$ to €

You can substitue the symbols for the three digit codes for each currency if you like. See below:

Currency - Set Default To - you can modify the default target denomination by entering this command and choosing the value you wish

Currency - Set Default From - this time you can modify the source currency

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 07.58.44.png

Currency - online help - this offer some options for accessing on-line documentation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 07.59.28.png

If you find yourself frequently converting currency values, then I hope this can help!