Copy and Paste with BetterTouchTool

BetterTouchTool is an application that runs on OS X and saves me a lot of time on a daily basis. By using the trackpad/mouse/keyboard to perform repetitve actions, you can easily find yourself whizzing through tasks and projects.

I've written about if before, yet I still find new ways to use this application. This one is a VERY simple use case, yet yields great results. By assigning gestures to the often used Copy and Paste commands, you can own your editing project like a boss.

Once installed, the gesture is going to be need to be configured within the Global application. That's because the shortcut commands for Copy and Paste are pretty much generic amongst all applications you install on your Mac. Some shortcuts are considered sacred and it would be folly to change them on an application by application basis. ⌘C and ⌘V are no exception. Select Global on the left hand pane and click the Add New Gesture button.

In the Touchpad Gesture window, you can select a gesture that suits your style and needs. Personally, I use the 2 finger double tap to mimic the Copy command, followed by the 3 finger double tap to replicate the Paste command. Entirely down to you of course how you run with this.

This is obviously a very basic example of how to get stuff on the clipboard with BetterTouchTool - however imagine what you could do if you used a third party clipboard manager, like Copied – Copy and Paste Everywhere on your Mac. With a quick gesture, you can start to copy text and manipulate how it appears on the clipboard - in Rich Text, Markdown, HTML as an example. What could happen if you assigned the gesture to a Keyboard Maestro macro that will perform some all-singing, all-dancing actions with your selection? You are limited by your imagination with this tool.

Yet it all starts with a simple idea. If you've never used BetterTouchTool before, I recommend you start with a simple gesture shortcut like Copy and Paste and slowly, those ideas will start to come.