Clean My Mac 3

Clean My Mac 3 is one those applications that can easily slip under the radar. Yet if you have been using it regularly and one day it isn't there, you REALLY notice it.

Clean My Mac 3 consists of a series of test and processes, all wrapped up in a wonderfully intuitive interface, with one goal in mind - that is to help your Mac to perform at it's optimum speed and reclaim valuable disk space. The amount of cruft that builds up over time and applications like Mail and iTunes is staggering and without a tool like this to help you keep on top of it, things can get unwieldy before you know it.

There are many great features built-in. I regularly perform the Maintenance scripts once per week (there is an OmniFocus task setup to remind me of this) to keep things ticking over nicely.

Also, the Smart Cleanup feature scans for System Junk, Photo Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk, Trash Bins and Large and Old Files, calculating how much space you can easily save. Clicking the Clean button will then release this space. Quick and easy.

As well as these standard tools, there are other great features such as an Application Uninstaller, which will remove applications and, just as importantly, the residual files that can remain. There is also a Shredder will will erase files, making them unrecoverable. You can remove your browsing history from any or all of your installed browsers as well.

Clean My Mac 3 is a real swiss army knife of features and I cannot recommend it enough. Having this bad boy sitting in the background, ready to streamline your machine at a moment's notice is a real help.