Battery Doctor for iOS

I have been pointed to a fantastic application for iOS which I am still amazed at. I'm amazed for several reasons.   
- It answers a problem which I've been having with my iPhone 5s for the last few weeks.
- The interface is amazing.
- It's insanely easy to use.
- It's **FREE**  

The app in question is called Battery Doctor and it has helped me eek out extra life in my iPhone's battery when I most need it. I am yet to install it on my iPad Air (although a version is available).  
Let's take a look at some of the functionality within this superb application. 

Let's start with the Home Screen. As you can see form the image below it's nicely laid out with a clear percentage marker showing how much battery you have left, as well as a time marker.  

Below this you have a brief overview of other system resources with the ability to click on these and find out more about them. Working down the list you have:



 The amount of apps added recently,

Ways to optimise your battery usage

How many apps are currently running and consuming resources

A record of how your battery has charged historically and lastly, but certainly not least, a power usage breakdown which shows you how much battery time you would have left if you did nothing at all but the activity on the left. For example, with the screenshot below, you can see that if I used my phone solely to look at YouTube videos, I could do so for 5 hours and 47 minutes. This is a really cool feature. 

There is also an 'at-a-glance' overview screen to show you the condition of the main resources on the phone as you can see below. 

The developers let this app out for free and I think that's a really telling achievement because they seem to be so proud of the amount of care that has gone into the development here, they want to show it to as wide an audience as possible, so I for one am very happy to recommend this application on my site and urge you to download and try it out for yourself. I don't see how you can be disappointed when you consider the fact it won't cost you a penny or dime to.