Airmail 1.4 hits the App Store - and it's superb.

I have a limitation with the email clients that I can use, owing to the fact that I'm a tad unique. You see I have a need for solution that supports both Exchange and Gmail and supports them to the extent that I am happy with! That is I want my email solution to be nice to look, a plethora of configuration options, good rule support, shortcuts - essentially, a productivity thinkers dream come true. 

Which, in my eyes, is exactly what Airmail 1.4 is. I was using 1.3 anyway as finding clients that offer good Exchange support is rare, but if I was ever questioning leaving Airmail, I certainly am not any more. In Airmail 1.4 we now have:

  • New Rules/Filters
  • New Actions
  • New OmniFocus 2 support (so handy!)
  • New Fantastical support (so handy!)
  • New BusyCal support (you getting the picture yet?! So handy!)
  • New dispatch to services
  • New Flags

All of this as well as a whole heap of improvements to the other elements that make up the application. 

The extensions within the other apps make this worthy of an update to 2.0 in my book and a paid upgrade (the app is £1.49 for goodness sake - such a bargain) but it's a free update and if you are not settled in your current email client then you'd be mad to consider this as the home for your email.