A Fresh Start With Tech

Yesterday was a very sad day for me. I had to kiss goodbye to my first ever MacBook Pro. I won't go into details, suffice to say that it was as dead as a Blackberry. So now I find myself with a new machine which is supposed to present me with a load of challenges, headaches and problems. 

Not so. In fact, I'm really enjoying this. 

As many of you know, I'm all for simplicity and minimalism. It's fair to say that my old machine had swelled with applications. Now, I have only downloaded from the Mac App Store those that I feel I'm going to be needing over the course of the next month, which is less than half of those that I had originally purchased. 

Running through 1Password, I was able to retrieve a list of other non-Mac App store applications that I had purchased (and stored the licence key for in 1Password). Again, I don't need them all currently, so my new device is running so swiftly, it's a real productivity boon. 

My environment is clean and tidy. Every time I install one of my apps, I'm sure to go into the Preferences and make sure it's setup the way I want it. If the data within the application is being restored from a Backup, then I'm making a point of tidying that data up before I move onto the next. One example of this is Dropbox, where I'd been unhappy with the folder structure for a while, yet it was always on the 'Maybe Later' pile. Well, now it's done and looks so much better. 

The same goes for 1Password. I was having sync issues between my MBP and iOS devices that I was pretty much ignoring until they became a problem (so silly). Now, they are singing in harmony and I've trimmed out a lot of erroneous entries that haven't been used in years, as well as mistaken entries. 

This has been a really good, if forced, opportunity to do some real housekeeping and it's worked. I feel fresher, more organised and more in control. 

When iOS 9 comes out, I'm using that as an opportunity to nuke my iPhone 6 and iPad Air and only download the apps that I feel I need. As much as I'd love to upgrade to a 6S and iPad Air 2 (I don't think the Air 3 is on the horizon this September), my family need Christmas and other things, like food. I'm sure they will feel like new devices when I've trimmed them down. 

A fresh start with your tech can jumpstart your mindset about your environment and your ability to do things. Sounds silly, but I tell you, I'm speaking from current experience.